18 augustus 2017

D’Amazoni B.U.


Its stunning concept, combining both elegance and ingenuity, materialised in the award of the GOLDEN MEDAL with commandations at the World Exhibition of Invention Research and Industrial Innovation.

Unique design: Both D’Amazoni Umbrellas and Parasols feature the patentedt two superposed canvasses concept enhancing its appeal by offering the possibility of matching colours at two levels.

Technically unmatched: assembled with specially designed 16x flat flexibleand extensible ribs of high quality steel makes the umbrella and parasol exceptionally sturdy. Once open, the rib structure reveals the concept of a ‘rose shape’. A spring at the top end of the umbrella, provides elasticity to the material and by the same token, makes the ‘Pagoda design’ possible … what makes the exclusivity.

The conventional Umbrella is conditionned by the wind, where as the D’Amazoni Umbrella conditions the wind … D’Amazoni ®©